Avalon Alliance Church (1973 - )

One night the Executive Board of the University Drive Alliance church met in Ken Summach's basement to grapple with the "problem" of their congregational growth. They knew if they decided to relocate the church it would cost an indefinite amount of money, an undetermined amount of sacrifice and an uncertain future. They knew of no available property. They had frequently tabled the proposal. However, this night, Walter Boldt announced, "Brethren, tonight we must make a decision.

There is a coffee pot on here. We are going to continue until whatever hour of the morning we need to make a decision." The elders decided that they should start a daughter church which was then named Meadowlark Park Alliance Church. It began meeting in a school auditorium in 1973.

Lionel and Elva Hopkins came to pastor the church. Their unselfish devotion together with a warm, gracious spirit ministered love and encouragement to the new church.

In 1980, the purchased their own building at the corner of Cascade and Royal, and renamed the church Avalon Alliance.

Soon after this move, Rev. Hopkins transferred to Calgary and was replaced by Bob MacDonald, a recent graduate of Canadian Bible College. Bob and his wife Irene served the church for two years.

When the Russells took the leadership in July 1983, the work solidified under his prayerful ministry. The spirit of being a church family devoted to loving and serving one another intensified. When the sanctuary filled, a balcony accommodating another 70 to 80 people was built.

Under the leadership of Pastor Russell, the Lord was pleased to give great growth. Additional staff was added:

Following the departure of Pastor Russell, interim pastoral leadership was provided successively by Jim Regehr, Lloyd Makaroff and Leland Makaroff. Arni Schmeichel was named Senior Pastor in 1994 and continues to serve the Church in that capacity. Ken Switzer was appointed Assistant Pastor for Youth in 1997.

Avalon seeks to maintain a family atmosphere, a strong committment to the Word of God and cultivtes a deep hunger and thirst for the reality of the manifested presence of the Spirit of God.

Avalon's theme: "A good Place to Belong".

Rev. Lionel Hopkins, First Pastor

Rev Bob McDonald

Rev Doug Russell & family

Rev Arni & Judi Schmeichel

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