Mr. & Mrs. Willis Brooks

Mr. Brooks recalls taking over the pastorate in Saskatoon, "I left Toronto in September 1934, anxious to get to Saskatoon. I didn't know anyone, but I knew the church's location and that it had very few in the congregation.

The little church was rented from the Church of Christ. Rev. Gibson had been the previous pastor, but he had found it was pretty tough and had left. The decision was 'Shall we continue the Alliance work in Saskatoon or close it!' The superintendent had told me to give it a try. If I found no future for the church, I was to close and I'd be moved to Star City. When I arrived, I soon learned to pray, 'Lord, keep me here. I don't want to go to Star City.'

On the first Sunday, the congregation included the Broughton family and an elderly man. It was necessary to live by faith. The district paid the rent of the church which was $15 per month stating that at the end of six months, we were to be on our own. I received offerings to meet all my needs."

Over the next three and one-half years, the congregation outgrew the facilities on 13th Street and University Drive. They moved to the Victoria School Auditorium just six weeks before the Brooks left in 1938 for their next ministry in Regina, Sask.

The Brooks continued in Christian ministry for many years. Florence Brooks has passed away. Willis continued to live in Vancouver following her passing.

Rev. W.H. Brooks

Rev. Brooks began his ministry in 1934 in the little white church on University Drive, with one family, the Broughtons, and one elderly gentleman, Mr. Jamieson.

"The church was so small that when you leaned over the pulpit you could scratch the back wall."

By 1936, the evening service was being held in Victoria School with 300 attending. The Glad Tidings broadcast was begun at this time.

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