Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Ferguson

There was no sleeping in on Sunday morning! Although it was cold outside and the sun wouldn't rise for hours on those wintery days, Mr. W. A. Ferguson knew the importance of his job. He had to make his way down to the little white church on University Drive, get the furnace started and the church a comfortable temperature before the congregation arrived at 9:30 a.m. for Sunday School. The furnace often responded with smoke instead of heat, adding to the pressures of the morning.

When the furnace finally got burning efficiently, Mr. Ferguson headed home for breakfast with his wife and four children, and then the family headed to church for Sunday School.

Once back at the church, the Caretaker became the Sunday School Superintendent and a teacher of one of the Sunday School classes. During the morning worship service, he often served as Organist and Choir Master in the early days of Mr. Brooks' ministry.

"Every Sunday afternoon," recalls Irene Broughton, "Mr. Ferguson would go to the children's shelter and sing. We sometimes went with him."

His daughter, Edith, writes, "Dad used to sing on a 15 minute program every Sunday night on the radio as the "Old Hymn Singer" with Rev. McKenzie narrating. We used to fight over who would get to listen to the crystal set. Sometimes a neighbor would invite our family over to hear Dad on their radio, an old R.C.A. with a big speaker horn."

As the church grew, Mr. Ferguson was able to share his responsibilities with others, but continued to be a strong supporter in the church as long as he lived in the city.

The First Church at University Drive & 13th Street, August 1, 1933 - April 30, 1938

Bertha & Jack Gordon

Talented musicians who assisted with the radio broadcasts

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