Rev. & Mrs. F. W. E. Roffe

In November 1941, a missionary couple came to Saskatoon to pick up the Alliance pastorate. Rev. and Mrs. F. W. E. Roffe had returned from working in French Sudan because of the pressure of World War II. This pastorate would be their last while they waited for international peace.

The Roffes gradually introduced some changes in the church. In April 1942, the church services were moved back to the Victoria School Auditorium. The Young People's Meetings became a regular feature in August. Then, in November, they rescheduled the Sunday School to Sunday afternoons at 3:00 p.m.

Between December 30, 1941 and November 20, 1942 the church received $2,205.08 in offerings. The Pastor's annual salary was $1210.09 while rent for church facilities was $414.50. The caretaker received $25 for his year's work.

Rev. Roffe started a pre-service prayer meeting on January 24, 1943, suggesting his awareness of the need for more prayer.

The Roffes completed their ministry in Saskatoon on July 4, 1943 and returned to their missionary work in French Sudan.

Rev & Mrs F.W.E. Roffe

Victoria School

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