Mr. & Mrs. John B. Thomson

A young couple who had been in training at Western Canadian Bible Institute (WCBI) moved to Saskatoon to carry on the church ministry over the summer of 1947. John B. Thomson had been raised and had married Marnie Miller in Vancouver. During the war, John served in the Canadian Armed Forces. During his tour of duty, he committed his life for pastoral ministry and when discharged, began his theological training in Regina.

In April 1947, he concluded his second year of studies at WCBI. Rev. G. M. Blackett, President of the school, asked John to consider going to Saskatoon to minister as pastor until school opened again in September. He accepted the invitation with fear and trembling, but with the assurance in his heart that the Lord was directing him.

The Thomsons came to Saskatoon by train with two children. Their third daughter, Carol, was born six days after they arrived.

Although a short-term ministry, there were a few who came to know the Lord as Saviour. John felt the Lord working in the congregation in a warm loving way spiritually. At the same time, he gained valuable experience.

Faith in God's ability had sustained him. His faith, put to work, was strengthened. He left behind a congregation that knew more about working faith.

The Thomsons (1950s)

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