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  The Alliance Academic Review, first issued at Council '95, is an anthology dedicated to and composed mostly by Alliance academics around the world. Comparable writing by other Alliance leaders is welcomed. The common virtue of all writing shall be that it is consistent with and promotive of the biblical message, the ministry and the mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. The Review intends to publish, disseminate and keep in print the best work of our academic research.

 To be inclusive of all theologically related disciplines, a sincere effort has been made to accept an equal number of papers from the following five academic divisions:

  1. Alliance Heritage/Church History
  2. Biblical/Theological Studies
  3. Church Ministries
  4. Missions
  5. Religion and Society/Integration of Faith and Learning

 Articles submitted may have been recently published elsewhere, recently delivered orally or specifically written for the Review. Each is expected to be well-researched, presented and documented. The esoteric and technical should be avoided or, at least, relegated to the endnotes. The Chicago Manual of Style, Fourteenth Edition, is the writing style standard. It shall be the responsibility of the writer to secure copyright permission for pre-published material submitted.

 Articles and correspondence should be directed to the editor:

Dr. Elio Cuccaro, Senior Editor, CPI
c/o Nyack College, Nyack, NY 10960
Fax: (914) 268-5499

 The authors of accepted articles will be rewarded with a modest compensation. Articles not chosen will be retained on file for possible future use unless their return is requested.

 As long as the Review elicits a favorable response, it will be continued as an annual series.

 In This Issue

 There are two articles on the Alliance founder A.B. Simpson. The lead article by Simpson student Dan Evearitt details how, in the face of a surging social gospel, Simpson remained an advocate of personal salvation with substantial and lasting involvement in social work. Then, Craig Slane's paper invites us to a review and completion of Simpson's vision of the imitation of Christ in the Spirit.

 We include also two articles on dealing with demonic or spirit possession or influence. K. Neill Foster shares with us the distillation of his 1988 Ph.D. dissertation at Fuller on the discernment of spirits and speaking in tongues. Specifically, he documents and advocates in this article the use of the First John 4:1-3 test to distinguish Spirit tongue speaking from demonic counterfeits. In the second article Paul L. King leads us historically through the loss and the restoration of the believers' authority to bind and loose demonic authorities.

 An article by Leonard Kageler on youth groups breaks new ground for the Review. He justifies the individual and societal benefits of church youth groups from secular sociological studies. In this, the world is catching on to what the Church has long known.

 A long-time advocate of urban ministry, George Reitz challenges us to rethink strategically how we can best execute the Great Commission in the years ahead. We can best reach the world through the burgeoning cities for the simple reason that the world is already coming to the major cities.

 Teaching colleague Eldon Woodcock contributes an exhaustive biblical study on the seal of the Holy Spirit. Most significant among his findings is that, as a result of this divine action, believers are assured that God has guaranteed their future salvation.

 Lastly, Rich Brown issues a prophetic warning to the church regarding her complicity in the “Religious Celebrity Syndrome.” In the video generation, believers have been especially prone to the worship of “pedestal personalities” to the hurt of their own spiritual growth. A timely correction is applied from First Corinthians 3.

Editorial: The Anatomy of Compromise


The Social Gospel vs Personal Salvation: A Late Nineteenth-Centuray Case Study- Walter Rauschenbusch and A.B. Simpson, Daniel J. Evearitt

The Seal of the Holy Spirit and the Eternal Security of the Believer, Eldon Woodcock

The Restoration of the Doctrine of Binding and Loosing, Paul L. King

Why Youth Groups Matter: A Social Science Research Perspective, Leonard Kageler

Reaching the World through the City, George Reitz

The Religious Celebrity Syndrome: A Contemporary Application of First Corinthians 3:1-9, Richard Brown

Christ and the Spirit: Fleshing Out the Vision of A.B. Simpson's Imitation of Christ, Craig J. Slane

Glossolalia and the Ruark Procedure: Distinguishing between True and False Utterances, K. Neill Foster

About the Authors

Elio Cuccaro, Ph. D., Editor

©2006, 2024 by K. Neill Foster