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Binding and Loosing: Exercising Authority over the Dark Powers

K. Neill Foster with Paul L. King, Foreword by H. Robert Cowles

ISBN: 0875098525, Paperback, 344pp
Pub. Date: 1998 Publisher: Christian Publications, Incorporated.

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Although the subject is frequently referenced in Scripture, very little has been written about binding and loosing. In this ground-breaking volume, popularly written within an academic framework, Foster traces the history of the doctrine from the Old Testament to the Early Church Fathers, the Reformers and the past 150 years to the present. Thoroughly documented. Generously illustrated.
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What others are saying about Binding and Loosing:

"Here is a book on spiritual warfare that I can fully endorse. Comprehensive and lucid, it has warned my heart and stimulated my faith. It's abook to read and reread, again and again!"

-Dr. Arthur F. Glasser, Dean Emeritus,
School of World Mission, Pasadena, California

"Binding and Loosing tackles this important but neglected subject with a good balance between extreme positions, biblical interpretation and practical application. It has the potential to open up a new dimension of life and ministry for all God's people."

-Dr. Timothy Warner, author, Spiritual Warfare:
Victory Over the Powers of This Dark World

"An expository, historical and practical examination . . . [Binding and Loosing] makes a compelling, broadly substantiated claim that binding and loosing remains the privilege of every believer today."

-Dr. Elio Cuccaro, Head of the Department of Pastoral
Ministries, Nyack, New York

"Neill Foster deals with some powerful Scriptures which are very plain and from the moutn of Jesus Himself. Very few understand the binding and loosing power of prayer. This writing, these insights, these experiences are timely - now!"

-Rev. Armin Gesswein, Founder and Director,
Revival Prayer Fellowship, Inc.

"A vital contribution . . . to the spiritual warfare dialogue. The documented personal testimonies are especially inspiring."

-Dr. Leonard Wallmark, Professor of Bible and Theology,
Simpson College, Redding, California

"The believer's authority to bind . . . and loose . . . has fallen into serious neglect. Here is a book that will help the Church recover this vital aspect of Christian truth. It goes beyond the secular methods to the source of power -the person of the Lord Jesus Christ."

-Dean Hochstetler, Ordained Minister of Deliverance,
The Mennonite Church