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by K. Neill Foster

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for January 13, 2019

Hospitality-- Yes or No?

Text: "When Jesus had finished speaking, a Pharisee invited him to eat with him; so he went in and reclined at the table" Luke 11:37.

Traveling over many years in many countries has presented me with various opportunities to eat with people. I have found what most of you already know-- eating is a great way to establish relationships. It also introduces one to some extraordinary food!

In Mexico, I simply could not handle an octopus boiled in its own ink! (Chalk that up as a failure!) In Colombia, I ate a steak that had me searching out the restaurant two or three more times! In Zaire, chunks of tender, tasty goat meat, along with other local specialties, made up the most memorable meal of my life. Moreover, the "heat" one finds in Spanish and Thai food captivates me!

Jesus reached out to a Pharisee by eating with him. But, on the other hand, Paul urged the withdrawal of eating privileges with an offending brother as a disciplinary measure.

Eating with a person is an expression of acceptance. Refusing to eat with a person is a statement of rejection. And gluttony, of course, is a crime against the human body.

Apparently hospitality means much more than just the availability of delicious and abundant food! It is a nonverbal expression of an open heart.