Daily Doctrine
by K Neill Foster
for July 19, 2019

Offering Costly Sacrifices

Text: "I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing." 2 Samuel 24:24

The scenario is that David wishes to offer a sacrifice unto the Lord to stop the plague that has been decimating Israel. He comes to Araunah, a farmer, and wants to buy his threshing floor to make the sacrifice.

Araunah responds by saying that the king can have the threshing floor, plus the animals, plus the wood needed. David's true heart comes through-- he is not willing to make a sacrifice of that which has cost him nothing. So he buys the threshing floor and makes the burnt offerings and fellowship offerings to God.

The good news is that the plague was stopped. But the best news is that, by his actions, David set forth an abiding principle in giving-- offering worthless gifts to God is not true giving.

True gifts come from the heart. They always cost the giver.

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