Daily Doctrine
by K Neill Foster
for April 26, 2019

Should the Greedy Be Blessed?

Text: "In his arrogance, the wicked man . . . blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord." Psalm 10:2-3

Spurgeon suggests that the "only sinners who are received as respectful are covetous men." And he goes on to ask, ". . . who ever read of church discipline against that idolatrous wretch,--the covetous man?"

He has a point--a very good one. In visiting many hundreds of churches over a lifetime, I can assure you that Spurgeon had it right. There is, within the believing community, a willingness to gloss over the covetousness/idolatry that is behind some of the most prosperous families in the Church.

Notice that I said "some." Not every prosperous farmer is covetous. If he works hard, God is faithful to give him great harvests. Similarly, there are businesspeople who have flourished through wisdom, hard work and opportunity. The blanket accusation that such people are covetous is simply not true.

The Old Testament makes clear that some were give the ability to get gain as a gift from God's hand. It was so in the life of Abraham. But the opposite peril lurks here also. Some assume, incorrectly and unbiblically, that the righteous will always be prosperous, that they will always flourish, and that to be poor is sinful.

Dual truths compete here. Some, and only some, who are wealthy are covetous. And some, and only some, who are poor are godly. For such matters, God has provided spiritual discernment.


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