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How To Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

This message teaches us how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, starting with Acts 8. For those who desire to be filled, Dr. Foster leads them through a prayer. The prayer can be found here:

Dr. K. Neill Foster had a diverse career as pastor, teacher, evangelist and publisher. His cross-cultural preaching and teaching ministries have taken him to more than twenty countries. An ordained minister, he held an M.Miss. from Canadian Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from the School of World Mission in Pasadena, California. His writings include numerous academic articles and booklets, plus seven books. Dr. Foster was President/Publisher of Christian Publications, Inc. until June 2002.

Doorways of a City

How to pray for a city: this series provides the background when praying for the transformation of a city. The doorways include: churches, lawyers and police, politicians, educational systems, economic systems, and people of influence.

Rev. Petrie's main thrust of ministry has been to help the Church discover the cutting-edge insights of turning an entire community toward Christ. He gives instruction in the Biblical understanding of stewardship of land and the effect this has on people, churches, communities and cities. Through this teaching it becomes possible to diagnose the bondages and wounds in an area through historical, cultural, physical and spiritual research that often impedes effective evangelism. Alistair left residential ministry in 1997 to devote full time to his work as Director of Joshua Connection Canada.

Rev. Alistair Petrie, 2000.

Born in Scotland and raised in Canada, Alistair was ordained into the Anglican Church in 1976 in York, England. He has pastored in the Anglican Church in England, Scotland and Canada. His Doctoral work undertaken at Fuller Seminary focused on the area of stewardship and healing the land. He has been a proponent of renewal and evangelism for many years, ministering as a conference and workshop leader in North America and overseas.

Pastor as Spiritual Leader

In this series, Dr. Blackaby discusses the pastor as the spiritual leader, however, the matter of leadership goes far beyond just the pastor. Every Christian is called to follow the Lord and to do so before it's too late. These messages are incredibly valuable for every believer.

Spiritual Leadership, Blackaby, (Broadman & Holman, 2001) -"What is it about your leadership that makes others not want to follow you?" The authors challenge us, "What is at the center of your motivation and what, if anything, is your guidance system?" They clearly send the message that no matter how brilliant our leadership theories may be, how well read on the subject we all are, how articulate we may be on the subject of leadership and no matter how well intended our leadership efforts may be, if our leadership is not lead by the Holy Spirit and we as leaders don't ask for his guidance in our roles as leaders...we simply will fall short of where we could be.

Dr. Henry Blackaby, 2001.

Henry T. Blackaby has spent his life in ministry. He has served as a music director, Christian education director, and senior pastor in churches in California and Canada; his first church assignment was in 1958. Following his local church ministry, Dr. Blackaby became a college president, a missionary, and an executive in the Southern Baptist Convention. He served as President of Henry Blackaby Ministries to provide leadership to thousands of pastors and laymen across North America and around the world.