K Neill Foster

Daily Doctrine

A daily devotional by Dr. K. Neill Foster

for October 16, 2020

Are Spiritual Gifts Permanent?

Text: " . . . for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable" Romans 11:29.

Does God ever recall the gifts and callings of the Holy Spirit from our lives? This text says "no." And it is helpful in explaining why some very carnal behavior has been associated with spiritual gifts.

Primarily, in this text, Israel is in view, and we do well to remember that God has not and will not abandon His people Israel. His call upon them is irrevocable. But the word also used in this text is charisma, which is commonly understood to mean spiritual gifts.

What I am about to say may be hard for some to understand. It is possible that a preacher, for example, may be living in adultery and still be preaching with spiritual power and regularly winning souls to Christ.

Tongues speaking and prophecy, likewise, often subtly suggest to those who have them that such gifts are indicators of spiritual health and well-being. Again, not so.

Godly people sometimes abandon the narrow way. There are thousands and thousands of backsliders who once lived the Spirit-filled life. They have retreated from the hot fire of spiritual fervency, their spiritual gifts operating all the while.

Such are the implications of irrevocable gifts and callings.


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