Daily Doctrine
by K Neill Foster
for September 11, 2019

Revelations Come

Text: "I went in response to a revelation. . . . " Galatians 2:2

The state of Mizoram is one of the most fascinating in all of India. It is located east of Bangladesh and north of Burma (Myanmar). It has a population of 800,000 with two members of Parliament. There are many hundreds of evangelical Protestant churches, with 32 Presbyterian churches in the capital city alone, plus other evangelical denominations.

They struggle with nominalism and backsliding, with drugs coming in from Burma, and liberalism attacking the seminary, etc. They seem to have all the problems that Christians do-- but in the midst are thousands upon thousands of earnest believers. Missionary passion runs strong. Thousands have been sent out into the rest of India and the world beyond.

All this began with a revelation. Well over 100 years ago, one of the Mizo patriarchs had a dream. The dream/vision made it clear that someone would be coming to Mizoram. The man told his sons and his people to listen and follow.

When two missionary families from Britain arrived, the Mizo people turned en masse to Jesus Christ. Now, 100 years later, it is clear that they gave their response as a people to a revelation.


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