Daily Doctrine
by K Neill Foster
for September 12, 2019

A Different Gospel

Text: "I am astonished that you are . . . turning to a different gospel. . . ." Galatians 1:6

A different gospel is not so very different from the Gospel, but it is different. In the case of the Galatians they were abandoning grace and going back to the law. They were tampering with the essence of salvation. And Paul flatly calls it a different gospel.

A different gospel may have truth in it, lots of it. But at its heart, it is false. The Galatians still believed in the Creator God of the Old Testament, but their confidence in the law and good works served to dethrone Jesus Christ and cancel His redemptive work.

Some different gospels have their own preachers, their own prophets, their own doctrines, their own apostles, their own followers. But for Paul, the Galatian gospel was no gospel at all. He saw that these gospels only confused the believers and perverted the true Gospel.

Are there "different gospels" today? Of course. There are thousands of false prophets who preach their own false gospels.

When I was preaching in what was then Zaire, now the Congo, a pastor told me, "We have 400 false prophets in Kinshasa." In the thirty years that have passed since then, I am sure the gospels and prophets have continued to multiply.

This is a day to celebrate the true Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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