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The Believer's Authority (On Line)
ISBN: 0875096131 Publisher/Vendor - Christian Publications
This easy-to-read booklet explains spiritual authority - where it comes from, how it is used.

Fasting -The Delightful Discipline (On Line)
ISBN: 0875096123 Paperback, Pub. Date: May 1995, Publisher/Vendor - Christian Publications
Practical and biblical instruction to make fasting a vibrant and powerful part of the Christian experience.

Gardez-Vous de Faux Prophetes (On Line)
ISBN: 0875094775, Hardcover, Publisher: Christian Publications, Incorporated

Six Conditions for the Filling of the Holy Spirit (On Line)
ISBN: 0875097111 Paperback, 18pp, Pub. Date: May 1998, Publisher/Vendor - Christian Publications
K. Neill Foster Defines six biblical criteria for asking for and receiving the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Books by K. Neill Foster

Discerning Christian (On Line)
ISBN: 0875093124, Paperback, 104 pages, Published Date: 09/01/1990, Publisher: Christian Publications, Incorporated
Discerning Christian: How the Believer Detects Truth from Error in the Midst of Today's Religious Confusion

Revolution Of Love (On Line)
ISBN: 0871234866, Format: Paperback, 96pp, Pub. Date: July 1973 Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Revolution of Love: The Canadian Revival 1971-72. If revival is to come, we must get honest with ourselves, with each other and with God. That is what happened on a large scale in Canada during 1971-72. A call to personal and corporate confessions.

Sorting Out The Supernatural: If It Happens in Church, Is It Always of God?
ISBN: 0875098673, Paperback, 432pp, Pub. Date: May 2001 Publisher: Christian Publications, Incorporated
Available from Dr. Arnold Cook while supplies last: 41 Donna Lee Trail, Stouffville, ON L4A 1K3. Tel. 905-640-5550
This book is an exploratory, non-exhaustive look at the contemorary components of Judeo-Christian life and practice - prophecy, tongues-speaking, revelation, signs and wonders, healing, deliverance, providences, falling and more. Liberally sprinkled with both historical and contemporary illustrations, these pages provide though-provoking insight for our times.

The Third View of Tongues (On Line)
A surprising and forceful case for the middle ground
Horizon Books, 3825 Hartzdale Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011, ISBN: 0-88965-051-9. ©1994 K. Neill Foster, Originally copyrighted © 1975, by Bethany Fellowship, Inc., under the title Help! I Believe in Tongues

The Happen Stance: How to Make Things Happen In Your Christian Life (Warfare Weapons) (On Line)
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data, Foster, Neill. The happen stance. 1. Christian life-1960- I. Title. BV4501.2.F65, 248'.4, 77-13263 ISBN 0-8407-5625-9

Dissertation: "Discernment, the Powers and Spirit-Speaking"
Discernment, the powers and spirit-speaking, by Foster, Kenneth Neill, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission, 1988, 271 pages; 8818724

Books Co-Authored or Edited by K. Neill Foster

Binding & Loosing - Exercising Authority over the Dark Powers
K. Neill Foster with Paul L. King, Foreword by H. Robert Cowles
ISBN: 0875098525, Paperback, 344pp
Pub. Date: 1998 Publisher: Christian Publications, Incorporated.
Available from Dr. Arnold Cook while supplies last:
41 Donna Lee Trail, Stouffville, ON L4A 1K3.
Tel. # 905-640-5550
Although the subject is frequently referenced in Scripture, very little has been written about binding and loosing. In this ground-breaking volume, popularly written within an academic framework, Foster traces the history of the doctrine from the Old Testament to the Early Church Fathers, the Reformers and the past 150 years to the present. Thoroughly documented. Generously illustrated.

Dam Break in Georgia: Sadness and Joy at Toccoa Falls - K. Neill Foster with Eric Mills
Paperback, Published by Horizon Books Publishers, July 1996, ISBN: 0889650233
A true story about the flooding disaster of Toccoa Falls College on November 6, 1977. A moving story telling of the horror and subsequent victory, and of the people involved. Kelly Barnes Dam, located above the Toccoa Falls Bible College near Toccoa, Georgia, failed in the early morning hours of November 6, 1977. The campus was inundated within minutes. One dormitory had 8 ft of water on the ground floor. A trailer park associated with the college was destroyed as 10 ft of water rushed through it. Thirty-nine deaths and $2.8 million in damages occurred during this flash flood.

Essays On Premillennialism - A Modern Reaffirmation of an Ancient Doctrine
K. Neill Foster/ David Fessenden, ISBN: 0875099645, Paperback, 197pp
Pub. Date: May 2002: Christian Publications, Incorporated

Healing Voices - A Narrative of the Acts of God in the Christian and Missionary Alliance
H. Robert Cowles (Editor), K. Neill Foster (Editor)
ISBN: 0875097901, Paperback, 205pp
Pub. Date: May 2000Publisher: Christian Publications, Inc.
The chapters in this collection include various essays on the biblical basis for healing as well as exciting testimonials of miracles of healing, patience, strength and consolation.

Holiness Voices - A Practical Theology of Holiness
H. Robert Cowles/ K. Neill Foster, ISBN: 0875095763, Format: Paperback, 314pp
Pub. Date: January 1995, Publisher: Christian Publications, Inc
Subtitled "A Practical Theology of Holiness," this book asks how Christians live in unholy times and in view of the righteous demands of Scripture, then in thirty chapters suggests some answers.

Missionary Voices - Cowles/ Foster/ Jones, Editors
ISBN: 0875096824, Format: Paperback, 272pp
Pub. Date: June 1996, Christian Publications, Inc
Missionary Voices rephrases and restates the missionary task with a contemporary accent. A popular theology of missions, clear and unvarnished.

Prayer Voices: A Popular Theology of Prayer
H. Robert Cowles (Editor), with K. Neill Foster
ISBN: 0875096778, Paperback - 308 pages, January 1997, Christian Publications

Voices on the Cross - K. Neill Foster (Compiler), Douglas B. Wicks (Editor)
ISBN: 0875099661, Paperback, 120pp, Pub. Date: May 2002, Publisher: Christian Publications

Voices on the Glory - Stephen P. Adams/ K. Neill Foster/ George McPeek
Paperback - 382 pages (1 May, 1998), ISBN: 0875098002, Christian Publications

Books with Foreword or Preface by K. Neill Foster

A Believer with Authority: The Life and Message of John A. MacMillan
Paul L. King, Foreword by K. Neill Foster, ISBN: 0875099173, Paperback, 289pp, December 2001, Christian Publications, Inc

Confronting Life-Threatening Illness: Through the Power of Positional Thinking
John E. Packo, Preface by K. Neill Foster, ISBN: 0875099351, Paperback, 208pp, May 2001, Christian Publications, Inc

Historical Drift - Must My Church Die
Arnold Cook, Foreword by K. Neill Foster, ISBN: 0875099017, Paperback, 346pp, September 2000, Christian Publications, Inc
If you are concerned about slippage on the basic issues of doctrine, faith and practice, read on. You are not alone. There are others like you, Christian leaders, both lay and clergy, who are seizing the moment.

The Attributes of God: Deeper into the Father's Heart, Vol. 2
A.W. Tozer, Preface by K. Neill Foster, ISBN: 0875099319, Paperback - 196 pages, February 2001, Christian Publications
Often quoted by Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Billy Graham and other great preachers, A.W. Tozer's words are being heard and read by millions today. The chapters of this book were originally preached as sermons at Avenue Road Church in Toronto, Canada. Whether spoken or written, Tozer's words were designed to "promote personal heart religion" among God's people.

The Jaffray Collection of Missionary Portraits, Edited by Marilynne E. Foster

#1 Let My People Go/Tozer (China, Southeast Asia)
The Story of Robert A. Jaffray

#2 Weak Thing in Moni Land/Cutts (Irian Jaya)
The Story of William and Gracie Cutts

#3 On Call/Thompson (Gabon)
The Story of Dr. David and Mrs. Rebecca Thompson

#4 To China and Back/Bollback (China, Japan)
The Story of Anthony and Evelyn Bollback

#5 Please Leave Your Shoes at the Door/Sahlberg (Thailand)
The Story of Corrine and Elmer Sahlberg

#6 A Heart for Imbabura/Shepson (Ecuador)
The Story of Evelyn Rychner

#7 No Sacrifice too Great/Hutchins (Borneo)
The Story of Ernest and Ruth Presswood

#8 Edge of Conflict/Taylor (Cambodia/Lebanon)
The Story of Harry and Miriam Taylor

#9 One Shall Chase a Thousand/Francis/Smith (Japan)
The Story of Mabel Francis

#10 The Promise/Jacober (India, Israel)
The Story of Ed and Virginia Jacober

#11 Journey to Joy/Ens (Southeast Asia, France)
The Story of Norman and Marie Ens

#12 To Vietnam with Love/Long (Vietnam)
The Story of Charlie and Elma Grace Long

#13 By an Unfamiliar Path/Peters (Colombia/Brazil/Mexico)
The Story of David and Arlene Peters

#14 In Peril on the Sea/Bell/Lockerbie (West Africa)
The Story of Ethel Bell and her children, Robert and Mary

#15 A White Lady Doing Nothing in the Tropics/Dixon (Borneo)
The Story of Herman and Mary Dixon

#16 Both Feet on God’s Path/Rohrick (Gabon)
The Story of Julie Fehr

#17 The Pearl and the Dragon/Jacobson (China)
The Story of Gerhard and Alma Jacobson

#18 Tears for the Smaller Dragon/Livingston (Vietnam)
The Story of Jim and Jean Livingston

#19 A Light to All Japan/Neudorf (Japan)
The Story of Susan Dyck

#20 A Man for All Nations/Curtis (Colombia)
The Story of Clyde and Ruth Taylor

#21 Beyond the Mist/Thompson (Gabon)
The Story of Donald and Dorothy Fairley

#22 Heartbeat for the World/Moothart (China, Indonesia)
The Story of Gustave and Pauline Woerner

#23 The Battle for Bali/Lewis (Bali, Timor)
The Story of Rodger and Lelia Lewis

#24 Out There Beyond Beyond/Ulrich/Lake (Irian Jaya)
The Story of Ed and Elaine Ulrich

#25 The Arabian Call/Farrell/Middle East
The Story of George and Lola Breaden

#26 Stone Age Diary/Schultz (Irian Jaya)
The Story of John and Janine Schultz

#27 Chosen for a Special Joy/Andrianoff (Laos/Thailand)
The Story of Ted and Ruth Andrianoff

#28 Giants Walked Among Us/Bollback (China)
The Story of Paul and Ina Bartel

#29 Larger Than Life/Brown (Burkina Faso)
The Story of Herbert and Jessie Nehlsen

Books Written or Compiled by Marilynne Foster

Tozer on the Holy Spirit: A 366-Day Devotional (Tozer for Today), A. W. Tozer, Marilynne E. Foster (Compiler)
ISBN: 0875098614, Paperback, 294pp, September 2000, Christian Publications, Inc
Incisive. Refreshing. Powerful. All of these terms have often been used to describe Tozer the man. However they apply equally well to his writings, particularly those that deal with the inner life of a believer.
The 366 devotional readings in this new thematic collection do not compromise the gray areas. They do not whitewash man's tendency to follow his own path. They promise to be encouraging, convicting and inspiring for all who will take the time to read and digest them with a view to pursuing a more intimate relationship with the Third Person of the Trinity.
Each reading includes Scripture for the day and supporting quotations from many classic and contemporary authors.

Missionary Biographies

Voices on the Family - Peter N. Nanfelt (Foreword), Marilynne E. Foster (Compiler)
ISBN: 0875099262, Paperback, 304pp, Christian Publications, Paperback - May 2001

Walk Around the World: Healings, Miracles, Power Encounters and Other First Person Accounts of Earth's Frontiers
ISBN: 0875096395, Paperback, 164pp, September 1995, Christian Publications, Inc
The Walk Around the World series consists of compelling first-person missionary accounts designed to stimulate God's people to intercessory prayer for lost peoples and those who minister to them.

How I Learned to Love [online] - Marilynne E. Foster