K Neill Foster

Small Miracles and Plain Prayers

A occasional series: answers to prayer about plain things - by Dr. K. Neill Foster

Lost Eye-Glasses and a Cabby

During the 2001 Christian Booksellers Association conference in Atlanta, our prayer at Christian Publications was that we would get our book, Harry Potter and the Bible, on national television.

When that happened, we were very encouraged. As the time approached for our author to engage in a gentle confrontation with an author of another book with an opposing point of view, I lost my $9.95 drugstore glasses. Without them I wouldn't be able to participate in the PBS telecast.

My options were few. I could probably have borrowed some glasses, but instead I chose to pray. I took a $5 cab back to the hotel to look in my room. Thirteen floors up and thirteen floors down—no glasses. When I left the hotel I climbed into another cab to take me back to the Convention Center. (With tips, I had already surpassed the value of the glasses looking for them!)

I explained my plight to the cabby. With that, he reached up onto his dash, picked up my glasses and handed them to me! He then proceeded to tell me that I had left my glasses on a previous trip, and not knowing at all that I was the person who had lost my glasses, he had passed up two fares just so he could pick me up! It turned out that the driver was a believer! Not surprisingly, we conducted a camp meeting in that cab all the way back to the Convention Center.