K Neill Foster

Small Miracles and Plain Prayers

A occasional series: answers to prayer about plain things - by Dr. K. Neill Foster

TV Preachers

Frankly, I have never been much impressed by televangelists and TV preachers. However, one of the better ones was on the air and I, contrary to my instincts, decided to listen to him.

He said something to this effect, "Just a prayer, any prayer, gets results." My heart rose with hope. You see, since my wife had suffered a heart attack, she had come safely through the intensive care process, and now she had been shuttled to a northern regional hospital where all she could do was wait for the call to the big city. As the days clipped by, I became more impatient.

I contacted the office of the regional politician–could nothing be done to speed up the process?

They were solicitous, even responsive–after all an election was coming up. But no change.

After the televangelist’s comment, I prayed, asking that the Lord would soon move Marilynne to the heart clinic in the big city. Somehow, in my heart, I knew that would happen soon. The next day, when I went to call on her, the news had arrived. The holding pattern was over.

The following day she was flown by air ambulance to an Edmonton, Alberta hospital. Within just a few hours she received three stents in a heart procedure. The following day we drove home, and she has been doing great since.

The regional politician was man’s way. Prayer was God’s way.

". . . in everything by prayer."


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