K Neill Foster

Small Miracles and Plain Prayers

A occasional series: answers to prayer about plain things - by Dr. K. Neill Foster


In 2003 my wife and I were on a round-the-world tour. In India, my wife became ill, so we were looking forward to reaching Thailand, our next stop, for a little R ‘n’ R. But Marilynne’s weakness and tendency to faint persisted.

Once she had observed that the fainting tendency was a spiritual issue in that it could be resisted in Jesus’ name, we began to regard it differently. We began to see it as an attack from the enemy.

Marilynne then asked me to pray for her. So I did. Apparently my prayer, in her eyes at least, was one of those perfunctory “official” prayers. After I was done, she said, “Not like that! You need to really pray.” At that point we began to do some fervent “camp-meeting” praying. We sang, and we prayed furiously.

Within minutes, the attack had backed away. We had broken through! She was free! Though I am not much of a clapper, I found myself clapping my hands with excitement and relief. And, yes, I found myself doing a little Irish jig in Thailand!