K Neill Foster

Small Miracles and Plain Prayers

A occasional series: answers to prayer about plain things - by Dr. K. Neill Foster

What a Trip!

Just back from India with a lot of stories to tell for such a short trip!

Heading out of Calgary, I noticed the plane’s right wing seemed to dip dangerously low—we were hardly off the ground. All the passengers let out an impulsive “Ooooooh!” In a lifetime of travel I have never experienced anything quite like that! Fortunately, the plane eventually leveled out!

On the way to Singapore after Los Angeles and Taipei (and a good many hours airborne), I was squirming in my seat trying to get comfortable. Sometime later, to my surprise, a hand reached forward and returned my wallet to me—it had fallen out of my back pocket! The finder was an M.D. from the Voice of the Andes Hospital (HJBC related) in Quito, Ecuador—Brad Quist by name. I was, of course, very thankful to have my wallet back.

More surprises! In the Singapore airport, I met several of the missionaries from HCJB in Ecuador. They were heading to the tsunami sites hoping to bring help and hope to those so devastated in December.

After two nights in Calcutta trying to sleep off the jet lag, it was finally time to head for the airport and the flight to Aizawl, my final destination in India. However, my arranged ride did not show. Things got so serious that I finally grabbed a yellow taxi, instructing the driver, “National Airport, not International” and hoping the he understood. The ride surpassed all other wild taxi rides I’ve experienced in all other countries anywhere! To make matters worse, Indians drive on the left—the wrong side of the road--so that made it even wilder for me. What’s more, they pass on either side of traffic. There were two occasions, count ‘em—two, when my yellow taxi banged into another yellow taxi!

We finally arrived at the airport about 5 minutes to flight time, eleven o’clock. I was praying for the airplane to “hold.” It was delayed! Finally, I prayed for the plane to come, and, of course, it did. Only later did I realize how dicey the weather had been upcountry.

So that was my introduction to India this time. My hosts were Rev. Lal Zuala, former moderator of the Presbyterian Church and Dr. P.C. Biaksiama who also serves as Secretary for Set Free Ministries, an association related to author Neil Anderson. The conference was professionally organized. Two papers were by other presenters. I had a speaking role—the Binding and Loosing Prayer Seminar.

On Wednesday evening, we went outside the city to see the TNT Orphanage. There are over 900 people on site—all of them apparently supported by the ravens, really. I understand it takes hundreds of kilos of rice for every meal, and sometimes, like George Mueller of old, the rice is not in hand until just before it is to be eaten. Walking through the dormitories was memorable. I especially recall a row of tightly sleeping little boys under heavy wool blankets (it was cool and rainy up in the mountains). They were cuddled as closely to each other as they could.

And the music—formidable! You should have heard them sing the Hallelujah Chorus in English, especially for me--directed by a boy about 12. I found it incredible—and profoundly moving. One little girl about 8 years old sang a marvelous solo that once again moved me to tears. It was a thrill to preach the old-fashioned gospel on a site like that! (TNT translates into “Truth Team” in English. I think is a great name for an orphanage supported by faith alone! Any gifts designated “TNT” through us will go in their entirety to the orphanage).

In our recent ministries in Red Deer, Great Falls, Montana, certainly in India, and just completed, the weekend at Beulah Alliance in Edmonton, I have felt the buoyant power of prayer—thank you much for praying.