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About Dr. K. Neill Foster

The concept for KNeillFoster.com was developed by the founder, K. Neill Foster. It was his desire to use the web to share the material and insights he had gained over many years of ministry. His work suddenly came to an end when the Lord called him home in May 2006. The web site was designed and continues to be operated by Al of AW Technical Solutions, Saskatoon SK Canada.

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(Kenneth Neill Foster)

Born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Citizenship: Dual, Canadian and American

FAMILY: Wife, Marilynne Elizabeth (Klinck); Children: Timothy, Calgary, AB; Donna, Great Falls, MT; Jeffrey, Calgary, AB; seven grandsons (2006)

EDUCATION: Beaverlodge, AB (elementary and high school)
Prairie Bible Institute, Grade 12, 1953
Canadian Bible College, diploma, 1957
Rio Grande Bible Institute (Spanish language), 1967
Canadian Bible College, B.Th., 1980
Canadian Theological Seminary, M.Miss., 1980
Fuller Theological Seminary, M.A. Miss., 1983
Fuller Theological Seminary, Ph.D. (Intercultural Studies), 1988
Dissertation, "Discernment, the Powers and Spirit-Speaking"

Experienced the new birth, 1943
Experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit, 1956
Ordained, The Christian and Missionary Alliance, 1959
A continuing devotional life is maintained

MINISTRY: Pastor, Kamloops Alliance Tabernacle, Kamloops, BC, 1957-1958
Assistant Pastor, Chilliwack Alliance Church, Chilliwack, BC, 1958-1960
Pastor, Yarrow Alliance Church, Yarrow, BC, 1959-1961
Evangelist, The C&MA, 1961-1983
Pastor, First Alliance Church of the Desert, Palm Springs, CA, 1983-1987
Chief Executive Officer, Christian Publications, Inc., Camp Hill, PA, 1989-2002
Publisher of A. W. Tozer's works, 1989-2002

Wide preaching experience in Canada, the USA, Colombia, Chile, Eduador, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Mexico, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Zaire, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Gabon, Dubai, India, Taiwan, Mongolia.

CREDENTIALS: Evangelist, the Western Canadian District of The C&MA, 2003-

AUTHOR: "Conscience and Comment" a weekly secular newspaper column, approx. 8 years, about 20 newspapers
Revolution of Love (Bethany House, 1973; Horizon Books, 1997)
The Third View of Tongues (Bethany House, 1975; Horizon Books, 1994) (Also in Portuguese -C&MA, Brazil)
Warfare Weapons (Thomas Nelson, 1977; Horizon Books, 1994)
Dam Break in Georgia with Eric Mills (Horizon Books, 1978)
The Discerning Christian (Christian Publications, Inc., 1981)
Binding and Loosing with Paul King (Christian Publications, Inc., 1988)
Sorting Out the Supernatural (Christian Publications, Inc., 2000)
Daily Doctrine, presently seeking a publisher, (2004)
Islam and the Christian Supernatural in process, (2005)

Academic Articles:

1994 "Implicit Christians: An Evangelical Perspective" (Evangelical Theological Society/Alliance Academic Review)

1995 "Dangers in the Deliverance Ministry" (Evangelical Theological Society/Alliance Academic Review)

1996a "Evangelists: Some Random Thoughts" (Assembly, The C&MA in Canada)

1996b "The Lostness of Mankind" (Assembly, The C&MA in Canada)

1996c "Glossolalia and the Ruark Procedure: Distinguishing between True and False Utterances" (Evangelical Theological Society/Alliance Academic Review, 1997)

1997a "Binding and Loosing: The Missiological Perspective" (Evangelical Theological Society)

1997b "General Revelation, Universalism in Miniature and Truncated Galatianism: Their Interconnectedness" (Evangelical Theological Society)

1998a "Territorial Spirits" (Evangelical Theological Society)

1998b "Women in Ministry: the Ecclesiastical Journey in the Christian & Missionary Alliance" (Loyola University)

1999 "A New Look at the New Prophecy (Contra Wayne Grudem)" (Evangelical Theological Society)

2001 "Dehereticizing the Montanists" (Evangelical Theological Society)

2002 "Premillennialism, the Scriptures and Convergent Issues" Essays on Premillennialism, (Christian Publications, Inc.)

2003 "A Jesus Other" (Evangelical Theological Society)

Edited Works:

1993 Co-editor, Prayer Voices (Christian Publications, Inc.)
1995 Co-editor, Holiness Voices (Christian Publications, Inc.)
1996 Co-editor, Missionary Voices (Christian Publications, Inc.)
1998 Co-editor, Voices on the Glory (Christian Publications, Inc.)
2000 Co-editor, Healing Voices (Christian Publications, Inc.)
2002 Co-editor, Voices on the Cross (Christian Publications, Inc.)
2002 Co-editor, Essays on Premillennialism (Christian Publications, Inc.)


1996 The Believer's Authority (Christian Publications, Inc.)
1996 Fasting, the Delightful Discipline (Christian Publications, Inc.)
1999 Six Conditions for the Filling of the Holy Spirit (Christian Publications, Inc.)

Teaching Experience:

Peace River Bible Institute, Sexsmith, AB
Canadian Bible College, Regina, SK
Alliance Theological Seminary, Toccoa Falls Extension, Toccoa Falls, GA
Guest Lectureship on A.W. Tozer, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Colleges of Prayer, Bramalea, ON, Calgary, AB, Summerland B.C. and Winnipeg MB
Taiwan Alliance Theological College, Taipei
Africa Centre for Lifelong Learning, Bamako, Mali and Niamey, Niger (upcoming)


1962-1981: Founder and Director of Nakamun Family Camp
1975-2006: Founder and President of Evangelistic Enterprises Society, a nonprofit organization whose ministries included Horizon House Publishers, Buena Books and the tabloid newpaper Communicate
1980-1982: Member of the DEXCOM of the Western Canadian District of The C&MA
1985-1987: Trustee of Simpson College
1989-2002: Board of Directors, Christian Publications, Inc.
1995-2001: Member, Board of Managers, The C&MA, USA
2003-2006: Publisher/Editor of www.kneillfoster.com