K Neill Foster

Giving: When and How

by K. Neill Foster

Giving is a part of worship I cherish. In Old Testament fashion, it is my habit to “fill my hand” with something to give in every service of worship. In the case of a project or a person, I tend to give “as the Lord leads.” When things go wrong in my life, I ask the Lord if my giving is out of whackñand sometimes it is. The “devourer” has been loose in my life because of my inattention to the Lord’s voice.

But enough of these private musings.

I am a believer in the tithe for the local church, and I presume that a large majority of us follow that pattern. Where, then, does a ministry like the Canadian Revival Fellowship come inñhow is it supported and encouraged? I believe that those thousands of us who remember what revival is like want to encourage and stimulate the revival message. Many other thousands are praying for and would like to see revival once in their lifetimes. They too love the revival message.

So how does it work with a non-profit society in these North American cultures in which we function? CRF, as we affectionately know it, is supported by the dedicated gifts of God’s children. People give because God has “put it in their hearts” to give. People give when they are given an opportunity to give.

For twenty wonderful years it was our privilege to lead Nakamun Family Camp northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. During those years, there were always large budgets to raise. The camp was not a church, but it was a spiritually productive ministry.

We also found there that God puts it in people’s hearts to give when there is an opportunity. The key, it seems, is to have people pause and pray. When God’s people do this, He puts a desire in their hearts to give.

I’m just getting to knowñand appreciate--the work at CRF in Regina. These are dear and devoted people. They are sticking with the revival message and getting it out. But they have substantial needs.

Will you take time now to pause and pray? ñknf