K Neill Foster

The Demonization Scale

K. Neill Foster

The graphic below shows the potential for human demonization; it moves from "no problem" at zero to a case like the Gadarene Demoniac who, totally controlled by the powers, would be a ten on this scale. The vertical line draws the distinction between those who can help themselves out of bondage with apotropaic or renunciatory acts which Neil Anderson calls auto-deliverance; and those who need the help and exorcistic commands and procedures from other Christians.

The authority of the believer, Ephesians 1:19-2:6, is, like the priesthood of all believers, rooted in the Reformation. Auto-deliverance is also a biblical idea in that it recognizes that the victim of demonization is a believer (if that in fact is the case,) and as a believer is capable of exerting the authority of the believer against the invading powers. For this reason as well, it becomes highly important to lead unbelievers to Christ so that, with believers' authority, they may participate in their own deliverance.

The graphic recognizes that some deliverances are more easily accomplished than others. I am indebted to Dr. Charles Kraft for the horizontal line zero to ten concept. The vertical line comes from my own observation of spiritual warfare events.ñK. Neill Foster, April 2, 2004.